24 June 2016

Alumni Work - Megan Coffel

For the summer term Herron Art Library is showing works made by graduated students who earned a minor in book arts. Each graduate has their own cabinet for display in the library. This work was made by the artist Megan Coffel who states:

"Story of a Tree is a star-book/carousel binding about a father and his son. Through the layers of the story, you follow a tree in its journey of death and rebirth. Likewise, you follow the death and rebirth of the family's responsibilities to the forest. The book was made from a series of laser-engraved woodcuts that were then printed on an Sp15 Vendercook letterpress onto tan paper and sewn into the carousel binding. On the outside layer of the book is a piece of leather, possibly pigskin suede, which has been laser-engraved and cut to become a frame for each page. The cicadas on the outside are made with wings made of handmade Abaca paper, which are then wrapped to a hand-cut copper cicada body with polyester string, and finally sewn onto the book with the same string."


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