27 June 2016

Alumni Work - Nancy Hoogerwerf

Nancy Hoogerwerf is a recent Herron School of Art & Design graduate with a minor in book arts. On display now in the library is the culmination of six students work from this course of study. Which has allowed each of them to funnel their creative work through the medium of the artist book which includes letterpress, other printmaking media and papermaking. Each student has been able to use the artist book in ways distinct to their interest and parallel to their major focus of work at Herron or IUPUI.

"Artist books give me the opportunity to combine Medieval and contemporary aesthetics. Making books also expands my interest in building technical vocabulary. My involvement with the Medieval time period has shown me that when I do the work well my audience is drawn in and becomes intimately engaged with my work. Once people are engaged witht eh Medieval binding techniques, it gives me a strong platform for my broader narative." ~Nancy Hoogerwerf

The Book Arts minor is offered through the department of Printmaking at Herron. We teach eight distinct courses spanning bookbinding, concept building through the artist book, letterpress, the printed book, papermaking, paper engineering, a survey course and a capstone senior course.

For more information contact Karen Baldner: kbaldner@iupui.edu

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