29 August 2012

What's behind the plastic?

You may have noticed that the back of the library is now sporting a giant wall of plastic. We're undergoing a transformation that will be unveiled in a few weeks. What was once a slide library will soon be additional display cases and storage for the artists' books collection, as well as a digitally-equipped instruction space. We can't wait to see it finished!

09 August 2012

Updated Art Research Guide!

Have you had a chance to check out our Art Research Guide? The guide includes resources for finding art-related materials online. You can find links to the library's article and image databases, as well as lists of art blogs, career websites, and our favorite books.

There are also handy tutorials on how to use some of the library's online resources, like this ARTstor tutorial.

Stop in or call us (317 278 9484) if you would like more information on using any of these resources.