24 June 2016


Broadsides make up a large part of the Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here collection. Combining text and image onto paper the broadsides are all powerful works that can communicate a lot at a glance.

"Reality" printed by Tina Brown. Text by Aram Saroyan.

"In Memory" printed by Inge Bruggeman. Text by Alan Loney.

"TV Terror" printed by Tara Bryan. Text by Huda Al-Marashi.

"This is No Symbol" printed by Kathleen Burch. Text from Zara Houshmand.

"Ode to Mutanabbi" printed by Angie Butler and Lilla Duignan. Text by al-Mutanabbi.

"Grandchildren of Sinbad" printed by Katherine Case and Annie Stenzel. Text byAbdul-Razzaq al-Rubai.

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