16 February 2012

Weekly Perusables: Hand Book

Part of the Herron Library's artists' book collection, Damara Kaminecki's Hand Book combines collage and illustration in a hand-shaped book. The artist said about the work:

"The Hand book is a way for people to interact with art as an object. The book's hands mimics the viewers own hands as it lies in their palms. The images are a non-verbal poem relating to touch and how it can be received internally and externally."

A Chicago native, Kaminecki works mostly in illustration and collage under the name Damarak the Destroyer. For examples visit www.damarakthedestroyer.com.

Hand Book is now on display in our artists' book alcove.

Hand Book by Damara Kaminecki
Herron Library - Artists' Books
N7433.4.K355 H36 2005

Image by Herron Library, book by Damara Kaminecki
The artist's website www.damarakthedestroyer.com

(blog entry by Sara O'Sha)

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