09 February 2012

Weekly Perusables: Atlas

This week's title is Gerhard Richter's Atlas in celebration of the artist's 80th birthday. Richter is a German artist best-known for his paintings from the '60s and '70s that reproduced photographs in gray-scale as an effort to create an objective, pure painting he felt was missing in the abstract work of the period. Various styles and subject matter are found in his later work, including abstracts and landscapes.

Richter began Atlas in 1961 as an archive of sources for his paintings. The photographs, clippings, and sketches are arranged onto grid-like panels, and are presented this way in the book and when shown in galleries. The collection has been continuously added to, and now can be viewed online. The more than 40 years of collection and arrangement is pretty intriguing in itself, but Atlas is also an enlightening backdrop to the artist's work, reflecting the shifts in his subject matter and style.

by Gerhard Richter
N7433.4.R528 A4 2006

Lucius Grisebach. "Richter, Gerhard." Grove Art Online.
Image from www.gerhard-richter.com

(blog entry by Sara O'Sha)

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