17 October 2008

Islamic Art, American & European Architecture, Work by Eugene James Martin

ARTstor Collection News!

David Wade has partnered with ARTstor to distribute approximately 1,500 images of Islamic art, now available in the Digital Library. These images illustrate patterns and designs found throughout the Islamic world, from the Middle East and Europe to Central and South Asia. They depict works Wade photographed during his travels, as well as drawings and diagrams produced for publication.

Photographer Dov Friedman is contributing approximately 1,500 images depicting architectural works in the United States and Europe to the ARTstor Digital Library. This collection will focus on historic architecture of New York City, as well as sites in Central and Eastern Europe.

ARTstor will be sharing 150 images of works by African American artist Eugene James Martin through a collaboration with Suzanne Fredericq, widow of the artist. The vibrant, abstract works to be represented in ARTstor will include paintings on canvas, mixed media collages, and pencil, pen, and ink drawings.

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